Hello Mine,

I am finally getting caught up with my e-mail, and Adrienne and I wanted
to let you know how much we enjoyed our tour of your beautiful city.
You did a fine job for us, and I wish we had been able to spend more
time, especially in places like your Grand Bazaar.  The Hereke carpet
looks great in our little condominium.  I am attaching a copy of the
photo or the three of us outside the Topkapi, and hope you will remember
your two American friends, who are now warm in sunny Mexico.

Best regards,

Don Pinnell

Mine;  My wife and I and our friends enjoyed meeting you very much for the
half-day tour you gave to us in Istanbul.You are a wonderful guide with considerable knowledge of  your city
and such an enjoyable person to be with.  You helped make our visit to
Istanbul a very pleasant experience.  We wish you much success in the

Wally and Betty Bradford

Dear Mine:
                   Hi! How are you? I am back to my regular life here in New
Jersey. I missed my daughter so much I am happy to be with her.
 I sent you some mail from Paris. I hope that you received it. I want to
tell you what a great person I think you are. You did not even know me and
you were so very kind and helpful. I sincerely appreciate that. Thanks for the great days...

Good luck and God Bless!


I haven't heard from you in awhile and I wanted to make sure all is well with you in Turkey.  Now everytime I read a newspaper and see Istanbul, I always think of you and the good time Will and I had.  When you get a chance, email me and let me know how you are doing, if you have any trips planned or just tell me what is going on.  I would like to hear it.  I hope you are doing well.  

Your pal,

Bob Hupman/Mebane-NC

Dear Miss Mine Karahan

Thank you for your nice tour guide in Istanbul(July 17-18). 

You gave me a good impression of Turkey and turkish woman. 

The attachments are photographs.

If you need any information about Korea, please let me know.



Kwang-Yong KIM

Hi there Mine,

    This is Leslie Weinstein.  You were David and my wonderful tour
guide in Istanbul in you remember?  I have been
e-mailing you ever since we left Istanbul from Greece and Italy but the
e-mails never got to you...they were always returned to me---"unable to
send".  I was so disappointed.  I had wanted to tell you what a great
time David and I had with you and we were both hoping that your trip to
Florence was a success....but then again, we had no doubt that you would
be successful there.

Your web page is very cool.  (that's slang here for great...:-)  It
is so informative and your resume is soooooooooo impressive!

All the best,
Leslie/Los Angeles-CA




Hello Mine,
    You have probably forgotten us, but Aaron and I still talk about what a
great day we all had together when you showed us around Istanbul.
    We wanted to stop on the way home, but schedules did not permit

I look forward to your response. Aaron got some great pictures and we
promise to send copies soon. By the way, the one you took of Aaron and I at
the park overlooking Istanbul was super!!!

Chaim Weissmann


Dear Mine,

We are back in Saudi Arabia after spending another 13 days in USA. We had
great time in Istanbul, and would like to thank you for your professionalism
and hospitality. We will come again to see rest of the Turkey with you.

Also, please let me know if hotel staff gave you Fatima's glasses. We forgot
them at the hotel, and when checked on our way back, the guy at the desk
told me that he gave it to someone, and wasn't sure if it was you.

Anyway, thanks a lot for everything and hope to see you again soon. Stay in

Qamar Rizvi


Dear Mine:
We've all arrived home safely.  We enjoyed our visit to Istanbul and thank
you for showing us around.  Please be sure to contact us when you are in San
Francisco.  The chance to show you around will be our pleasure.

Jeff Ko


Selam Mine,

I last sent you e-mail from BP in Cape Town, South Africa after a wonderful
trip to Istanbul in March 1999. Thank you for your friendship on the day you
took me on a guided tour through the city. I am thrilled to see your new
home page. Please write and let me know how it is in Istanbul. I might come
and visit again soon.



Hi Mine

How are You.
Are You sad for having us not by Your side anymore.
I hope You enjoyed the day as we did.
It was a really wonderful sightseeing tour with such a beautiful and
clever tour guide.
Here are some photos for the begin.
Some more will follow next week.

Heinz Plotzki/Austria



 Thank you for taking us around Istanbul Saturday and making our day so
enjoyable.  I hope you are feeling better.  We missed you at dinner at
Gunaydin and while we had a good time we have no idea what we ate.

 I never had a chance to give you your evil eye protection, so please
 consider this a substitute until I can get a real one to you.

 Below are some sites that might help you put together a package in the US
 for your Turkish guests.  Let me know how things go